Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well Pluck Me Running

Republicans, buy a f#%&*ing clue! Or rent one. Or put one on layaway. Hell, pretend you’re Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, or Ted Stevens and steal one. I won’t say a word. I should let this go but...I…just…can’t. The election is over but the insanity lingers. As I type this, right wingers throughout the land are having night terrors about socialism and God knows what else. They’re buying guns. They’re hanging their flags upside down. They’re pouting and thrashing about.

And I’m scratching my head.

They are killing me with this socialism thing. Really, I don’t think it’s a stretch to point out that most of these people (like “Joe The Plumber” and “Bob the know-nothing-right-wing-radio-enthusiast”) that are shrieking like rabid pterodactyls about the big “S” word, have little to no understanding about their own government and how socialistic it already is. More importantly, they are either in denial or –more likely – just flat out don’t know the role that their own party has played in enacting socialistic type policies.

Maybe they should read this article by George Will. He’s a conservative but different than your garden variety because he actually gives these things more than half a second’s worth of thought. Garden variety conservatism considers ‘thought’ elitist, anti-American even. Don't get me wrong, republicanism does have its virtues but they’ve been pretty much snuffed out by the cult of culture war whack-jobs and the drum beat of those who believe the Christian thing to do is ‘spread democracy’ (read: bomb the shit out of Muslims).

There’s talk of Sarah Palin being the future of the GOP. Folks if that ain’t batshit crazy, I don’t know what is. By now we should have learned our lesson about electing officials who can’t manage to wrap their head around the English language and speak in coherent sentences. Sarah Palin shouldn’t be allowed outside of Alaska and it would be preferable to keep her confined to the tiny town of Wasilla. But hey, that’s just my opinion (and several dozen million of my closest friends).

Anyway, the comedy continues. I hate to keep going on about politics but watching some of our locals here mope around like the Grinch has just stolen Christmas is amusing and perplexing to me. Apparently I live around and work with some of that 2% (or whatever it is) who approve of the direction the country has been going in.

It hurtses us. Oh yesssss, it hurtses ussss.


notamobster said...

I'm an old-school conservative whack-job. A Jeffersonian democrat...that's how old school I go.

Though conservative, I can assure you I give it all a great deal of thought. I have some of the same concerns as my not-so-thinking countrymen, but Barack Obama is not the cause of my concerns, but rather another brick in the wall.

Well stated, sir.

Ben There said...
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Ben There said...

Hi nota -

I'm conservative myself in that I don't think government should spend taxpayer dollars like a crack-whore with a credit card. I guess I'm what you'd call a fiscal conservative. Socially speaking, I'm pretty liberal though.

I know very well that you give these things a great deal of thought and you are anything but a whack-job.

It's my opinion that a true old school conservative would be disgusted by what's happened to the "conservative" party. Our founding fathers would be disappointed beyond measure.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bleedin'-heart, commie liberal. Obama isn't progressive enough for me. (my first choice was Kucinich.)

Obama's appointed Emanuel as his chief-of-staff, and HRC as his secretary-of-state. I was hoping we'd finally tell Israel that if they wanna behave like a terrorist state, they can do so on their own dime...but with these two, that ain't gonna happen.

I am soooo chuckling at the chicken-littles buying guns, now. Were they not paying attention for the last 7 years? I remember this same behavior during the Clinton's regime...oh, noooooooo. Black Helicopters! Janet Reno! Universal Health Care! But they didn't even blink at Abu Ghraib, Gitmo or The Patriot Act.

Ben There said...

booby-breasted -

You didn't even have to post a comment, just seeing your name there would've been enough.

You're absolutely right about Israel and that is a disappointment but it's going to take something alot more significant than a young, smart, black guy getting elected president to change the Israel situation.

The whole gun buying thing is very amusing and just exemplifies the paranoid lunacy of the right. Makes me want to get a t-shirt that says "Liberal" in big red letters and sneak up behind one of them and yell "Boo!" and watch the person soil his/herself.