Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Wicked Jowl Butt This Way Comes

If you’re like me, nothing gets your mouth watering like some good salted cured pork jowl butt.

Mmm, mmm…

Well of course I’m kidding. I’d never recommend adding salt to cured pork jowl butt. Why waste your time? (Or the salt?) Pork jowl butt pretty much stands on it’s own. Shit, in some circles salting a jowl butt is akin to culinary heresy. The important thing is that its cured. Jowl butt can be cured and not salted but never salted and not cured. Woe unto the bowels of he who does not heed that little bit of jowl butt wisdom. A fine line it is between basking in the savory glory of jowl butt and wallowing in the intestinal fury of trichinosis. You can take that to the piggy bank.

If one must salt the butt, the question arises: sea salt or regular salt? Connoisseurs agree that sea salt is the preferred additive for those with a pallet sensitive to the subtle nuances of jowl butt. For the jowl butt layperson, regular salt should be fine.

As you can probably tell, one could plumb the depths of salted cured pork jowl butt for eons and only scratch the surface; the subject is simply too vast and few have the requisite disposition and presence of mind to embark on such an epic undertaking. Well don’t beat yourselves up for it. Salted cured pork jowl butt can be enjoyed by anyone, from the erudite jowl butt aficionado, to the uncultivated but curious neophyte.


Anonymous said...

salted cured pork jowl butt???

Ben There said...

Hey Tony -

Just a little attempted food humor. I saw this poster that was just decor in a restaurant advertising "Salted Cured Pork Jowl Butt". My reaction was pretty much same as yours (???). But as you can tell, I was delighted (at how ridiculous it sounded).

Anonymous said...

I really didn't believe such a delicacy existed. I honestly believed that post was a metaphor subtexturized with nuance.

Ben There said...

Hi catnapping -

Trust me, I'm just as baffled as you are that salted cured pork jowl butt is real. But like you, I've had to suspend my disbelief and come to terms with it. It's real enough.

Thanks for stopping by.

Candycane said...

I didn't understand the entire blog!! LOL. You lost me at some wicked and then jowl butt. gross. who eats butt?

Ben There said...

who eats butt?


(Inspiration for this blog originates from a decorative poster in Fuzzy's Tacos, just outside downtown Fort Worth. Check it out sometime. It's worth it just for the jowl butt poster.)

notamobster said...

I'm with Catnapping...I thought there was a veiled subtext. Great to see it's I don't have to think.

FYI - "who eats butt?" If you eat ham, then - sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings - but you do! The ham is the rear hind quarter of the pig. Also know as....wait for it.... the butt!!!

(my verification word is swayishi :)

Ben There said...


A synonym for propaganda? Could be.

Yeah nota I didn't want to break it to Candice that ham is essentially the rear end of a pig (read: ass).

No hidden meaning here. I just needed an outlet to repeat "pork jowl butt" as many times as possible. I feel better now.

Candycane said...

fuzzys is my fav place for fish tacos!
i do eat ham at thanksgiving if it is offered
oops i guess I eat butt, that is who eats butt!