Saturday, March 15, 2008

Like, Oh My God!

Ok seriously, I'm just trying to see what this looks like. It's another test post! Don't start critiquing my literary offerings at a time like this. It's just not fair to the children.

It's really not fair to yourself either. Don't judge a blog by it's actual content. Okay? Judge it by the colors! Judge it by the template that the person picked out. Judge it by the persons picture; something, anything of real substance.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ben
Is this blog designed to anger, exasperate, provoke and irritate alcoholics or...?
Looks good brother. Congratulations.

Ben There said...

Hi Tony,

I'd say all of the above. Really I have no idea what this blog is designed for. Judging by what I have so far it appears to be an exercise in sarcasm and goofiness. It just seemed like time to create one and start forcing myself to write every so often. Plus it's nice to be able to comment on blogs and not be 'anonymous' anymore. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Please don't stop doing your thing on Les' site. If you are like me the comments on Les' essays is half the fun.
Just an idea; (if you are young) a younger (intelligent) slant on things would be very interesting to read. I know when I was young my ideas on things were very much different to what they are now. Mind you my teens were spent in the 50’s and 60’s. I know younger (religious) people who accost me don't have much to say when I tell them that lots of things I didn't 'twig' to until I was around 60. So younger thoughts/perspectives from these troubled times would be interesting.
The problem with all of this blogging is you don’t know how/why people came to the ideas they present. You don’t know the background of the writer so you don’t know if they are joshing, being sarky or just plain lying or giving you their honest opinion. I feel I know you some from Les’ site.

Ben There said...

Well I'm 31. Not sure if that is considered young or not. And my level of intelligence is enough to get me by but really nothing to write home about but I'll definitely give my slant on things. Be forewarned though; there is no way I can write at the caliber of what you are used to reading. Fortunately and unfortunately there is no competency or talent requirement for blogging. I will definitely keep commenting on Les's blog and most likely some of those same trains of thought will appear in posts here.