Friday, January 7, 2022

Am I Back?

 I haven't looked at this blog in years.  I had the thought to delete the whole thing.  No particular reason, it was just an idea.  An idea I was about to act on.  I came here this evening to delete the blog in it's entirety but now that I'm here I've changed my mind.

Why would I bother to delete? Well some of these posts were written so many years ago that I suspect I would be a bit embarrassed by them now.  But maybe not.  More importantly, so what if I am.  In the deeper sense there's no one there to be embarrassed and the entity that thinks it's embarrassed probably deserves all the humility it can get.

Anyway...maybe I'm back to writing here.  Maybe I'm not.  Maybe I won't come back for another five years and then it will be to delete and maybe I'll change my mind again.

Is there a compelling reason to write more words and put them on the internet?  Not really.  And yet here I am, remembering that it could be fun to do that.  Maybe we'll get back into it.  What will we talk about? So much has changed. And so much hasn't.

Well until next time....    (if there is one)

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