Monday, February 28, 2011

Sacred Cows

Sometimes a picture is worth four or five hundred words.

(Ben There has been really, really busy, but has not forgotten about his esteemed blog. The regular nonsensical gibberish insightful commentary will resume shortly.)


Anonymous said...

It's all about distribution of wealth Ben.
The Americas, like Australia, is just so wealthy in its natural resources, its people, etc.
We can't all be farmers or miners or manufacturers but why can't we, as citizens, share in the wealth that the miners and farmers and whoever extract from the land we all live in.
It isn't as if there isn't enough to go 'round; it's just that some want more than their fair share – the greedies.

I saw a thought for the day on WRH the other day, it went something like this; people with money have a problem with the fact that they don't understand that they are just people with money. The fact that they have money doesn't endow them with the wisdom of the ages for them to interfere in, well, everything. All it means is that they have been greedy enough to hoard... money. Wow! Look at all the money you have I think I'll let you run my life from now on in the hope you'll trickle some down to me ...right.

Now Aussies don't mind tapping into the tax dollar for some spending money but you Yanks have a hard time of it, don't you? What! Me take a hand out from the government Phhfft! Never – that's Commie talk.
You are your own worst enemy. If you don't take your share the rich bastards will!!

Many Australians are like that – or they say they don't believe in a Socialist ethic - especially farmers.

With our floods recently; the inland cotton farmers can get about 80% of their crop off if they can get the labour to drive their harvesters – hired help is scarce.
The coastal cane farmers who don't have to worry about harvesting for about three months have offered and have gone to help the cotton harvest.
Because of the rain the cane harvest will be very good this year and will need all the help it can get the crop off; guess who will be helping at that time. Hhmmp! Bloody commies.

One of our biggest miners, BHP, winged like stuck pigs about a 40% excess profit tax – that's excess profit - the government wanted to place on their extra earnings (they lowered it to 38% which was acceptable to the mining companies). Now (this financial year) they are embarrassed by their excessive earnings - $5.8 billion. Poor dears, I think I'll send them a handout.

If wtp don't take it they will!

It's the gov'mnts (and now the corporations because the governments have allowed this to happen) that want the wars, the money, the power. The sooner we realise that the power is the peoples the better – world wide.


Ben There said...

"Share in the wealth"...Tony, as an American I've been trained to respond to that kind of talk with hysterical bleating about communism, socialism, and totalitarianism (and probably other "isms" I'm not thinking of at the moment).

Luckily the mothership has deprogrammed me so I can continue this conversation without foaming at the mouth,etc.

Wealth distribution is grossly out of whack in the US of A. It's no accident either. Unfortunately too many of us still toil under the illusion that we have a meritocracy and the elites are just more innovative or deserving than us non-billionaires.

We dont want government running our lives but we have no problem letting corporations and rich people do it. That's "freedom". Trickle down is one of the biggest scams ever sold to the American public (followed by "they hate us for our freedoms").

You are so absolutely right about us being our own worst enemies. But with enough pain and abuse we'll snap out of our complacency. That's usually how it works.

Anonymous said...

Agnotology: agnot - ology I came back here to see if things worked??