Saturday, August 22, 2009

Castles Made Of Sand Intro

Don't blink or you'll miss it. Just the intro to Castles Made Of Sand. A signature Hendrix intro and as usual, a damn cool song.


su said...

Wish I was your neighbour.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that you wear less and less clothes in each video....please put a disclaimer/warning out before you go all the way one of these days.

I tried to post over at your other blog (didn't even know you had it) but I'm not an official here it goes...

If jesus was here, he would cure everyone himself and we wouldn't need health care............


Ben There said...

Thanks Su - I actually feel sorry for my apartment neighbors back in the day when I was just learning to bang on this guitar. No doubt they still curse my name.

Jj -

We're only five blog posts away from the loin cloth debut. And there will be no warning, it will come like a theif in the night.

Ha...great point about Jesus. That other blog is just for me to rattle off blurbs about politics from time to time. It's become damn near twitterized; from several paragraphs down to a few hundred characters.

Hey, if you don't mind, could you shoot me an email at ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ben
Just popped in to see how things are in your life - all OK I hope.
I've had a fairly eventful year this year, traveling and other things . I'm going to put a (photographic) diary up soon at one of my business sites, I'll email you the address when it is started enough to be (maybe) interesting.

Ben There said...

Hi Tony!

Good to see you. As you can see, my blogging has been nil as of late. My life has been taking interesting twists and turns lately.

Let me give you my email address for a better way to stay in touch:

I look forward to seeing your photo-diary. Shoot me an email sometime....