Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lo, I Am Here

It's been a long time, too long, since I've been here. It would appear that I have abandonded my blog like a foreclosed home. But nay, I am here. College basketball cajoles in the background, and I am here. The sun is descending against the backdrop of the evening breeze; the pollen stirs, the wasps stalk the crannies and nooks of my lonely porch, and the hornets congregate between the slats on the gable of my garage. And I am here. The dog, in all her glory, looking forlorn and wistfully in my direction, lays flat on the floor. She wants a walk. She desperately wants a walk, and as benevolent owner, her only hope of getting said walk, I am obligated. She wants a walk in the way a crack addict wants another drink, if you get my drift. (And I know you get my drift...I just got back from the gym, how could you not?)

With my poor, beloved, and desperate dog in mind, I shall cut this verbal meandering short. May these words find you well, dear blog readers...



Anonymous said...

and I am here


su said...

Thanks for that beautiful setting and for honouring the dog, and most for putting the what is in front of you as a priority.
I recently got a whole lot of chickens and my dogs, both herders, spend their days herding them.
They still look longingly whenever I near the front door, but they have lost that intense desire.

Anonymous said...

I read you somewhere else (Les) where you have been busy- hopefully with something worthwhile not chasing cars.
Here, this time of the year, the air wafts with lemon scented eucalypti- beautiful.
Wasps, hornets, toads, snakes, flying fox, many birds of munlti colours, crows, kangaroos and Ibis (who own the town). They all inhabit my life.
Thanks for thinking of us.

su said...

Just to say your post evoked the inner dog walker.
Yesterday afteroon I looked more closely and I saw the inner light of expectation and hope in theri faces and on your impulse I decided to respond.
It was 2 hours of pure joy. They romped, the jumped on each other, they practically yoddled. We went through the nature reserve, up to the dam, up the next big hill and finally home again. Exhausted but totally joyous.
You know we all talk about the state of the world and what we could do to change the status quo - hey Ben you have reminded me that it is simple as walking the dogs. thanks

notamobster said...

Ben - have you read Paine, yet? I have been missing in action from my own blogs. I have been participating much less at many, many blogs. I've been busy living and loving.

I hope all is well with you and the wife.

Ben There said...

Great to see you guys here. I've been consumed with other things, just the normal hustle and bustle of living life being one of them, and haven't taken the time to write here lately or read much at other blogs either for that matter.

Jj - How bout just "I Am"?

Susana - I am envious of your settings there and your two hour dog walk through the wild.

Tony -

I've been busy with stuff for sure, whether or not it's worthwhile remains to be seen. I haven't been as regular at Les's as I would like to be but I did catch up the other day. Good to 'see' you and hope all is well with you.

Nota -

Sounds like you and me are in similar states, slacking on our internet adventures. And living and loving, that's what it's all about, I don't see how we can possibly go wrong doing that. It's easy to spend wayyy to much time online. As for Thomas Paine - Seriously, it's time for some new reading material for me. I'm printing it out tomorrow and starting reading tomorrow night. (Tonight is devoted to the Mrs, that is after I walk this dog again)

Thanks to all for stopping by. I'll try to not stay away for so long, if nothing else just to stay in touch with you folks.

Candycane said...

damn, you are a great writer. and you crack me up. well done