Monday, August 25, 2014

Blue On Black

Wow, I can't believe this is my first appearance since November of 2013.   I don't have a lot of words for this one but here's my attempted cover of one of my favorite guitar solos.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have your fingers in the right place at the right time Ben, congrats.
When I was about 13 I came home from school one day and my mum said to me apprehensively with a little excitement mixed in, "I have a surprise for you". I thought, Oh, beauty a new tennis racquet!
The surprise was a course of lessons to learn the Hawaiian guitar. Okay... I finished the course and enjoyed the music but didn't continue.
I do like big steely work; Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Kiss and the like.
Thanks for your post.

Ben There said...

Tony! Always good to hear from you on here. A Hawaiian guitar sounds like a great gift, clearly your mom had great tastes. I wish I would have learned music when I was a kid. Then again, it gives me something to learn as an adult, so maybe it worked out as it should.