Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hendrix-esque Chord Progression

Hendrixy? Hendrixish? Hendrix-esque? Hendrix fashion? Hendrix style? In the manner of Jimi Hendrix?

Whatever it is that's my new Fender Blues Junior amp in the background. I love that little rascal. Couple more modifications and I'll have that proverbial tone to the bone. Or something.


Anonymous said...

You got it Ben....very Hendrix -like. Keep on rockin'kid


reenie said...


Ben There said...

Covkid & reenie -

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I would call it kind of a syrupy, bluesy Jimi......you have wonderful patience when you play...you really let it carry...I find myself leaning forward on my chair to ease you into the next riff---lol

I got turned on to a guy a few months ago--check out youtube for Tommy Emmanuel......friggin' awesome and seems like he just gets pure joy out of playing. If he is ever within 500 miles, I'm going to see him.

I never heard of him before then--Clapton, Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, and all the "great ones" say he is the best accoustic guitarist there has ever been--you'll see why.


Ben There said...

Syrupy...I like that. I think I was going for syrupy.

I've heard of Tommy Emmanuel but can't remember his sound. It's been awhile but I'll definitely go check him out.

Good to see you double J.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you go Ben, Jj. I used to watch Tommy Emmanuel on the music shows years ago and was never impressed with his playing yet give me a guitar note from Kiss and I'll love it. So much for taste!
As I tell Les when he asks re my taste in music – the sound of my toenail being cut is music to my ears. Yet I do appreciate the tech of the instruments as per that Gibson I have previously mentioned.
Hope all is well.

Pluto Radio said...

Ran across you in a general search... Regardless - brilliant fun brother!

Ben There said...

Pluto - What's up my friend? Makes a heart feel good to show up in random general searches.