Monday, January 11, 2010

"So Nice" Samba

Jazzin' it up a little..

(As usual, I'll throw in this obligatory comment to bitch about the sound quality.)


Zoner said...

Nice! We need to see the "guitar face" that comes with your playing some day, though.

Keep it up and tanks for sharing!

(BTW, no issues with sound quality - it comes across clean, clear and without any distortion)


Ben There said...

Thanks Z.

I have no idea what my guitar face looks like. I do remember someone asking me one time "why do you make that face when you play guitar?". Oddly enough, one of the best guitar players I've ever known (really THE best) actually makes no face whatsoever, which is really mind blowing because his playing is damn near magical.

Thanks for stopping by...

JRB said...

Whatever happened to Democracy is for Chumps?

Very nice guitar work, my friend. I remember the days when I spent hours at it. Now I spend my time writing about all the reasons why I can't!

Ben There said...

Hi JR -

I deleted Democracy Is For Chumps. It just didn't seem like my classiest work (as if that actually matters!). I've completely neglected blogging and was reading through some of the 'Chumps' entries the other day and decided that blog needed to go. It was really just a venue for quick rants, a place to vent some political frustration. Killing it was kind of an impulsive decision but it's done now. The idea is that I'll actually take the time to come here and start writing again occasionally.

Thanks for the kind words about the guitar piece. I've found that to be a wonderful way to waste time.

Anonymous said...

I'm with "Z"--You are now "The Headless Guitarist"----sweet sounds--almost a little country twang in a few places---just got done pickin' myself---but you'll never see or hear any of

Keep up the good work--fingers like that, you could always go into safe-cracking--or massage (is that gay--oh, no--lol)