Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Riviera Paradise Chords

Nothing too fancy here folks. Just a few runs through the Riviera Paradise chords. Very relaxing to play this.

To friends who stop by here from time to time...My apologies for posting so infrequently. Life is oppressively busy sometimes (and I'm far less busy than most people). I hope you all are doing wonderful.


Anonymous said...



Ben There said...

Many thanks double J. Good to see you...

Zoner said...

Very nicely rendered - I'm sorry to hear you are living some blues right now, but keep doing this and feel the healing along with the reverb and that fantastic Strat bell-tone washing over you. Very nice, indeed.

Peace, fellow Lord of the Strings.


Ben There said...

Thank you Z. What would life be without the blues? Hard to imagine really. Down and out has inspired some wonderful things, maybe the best things.

In my own case, I know it's getting better already. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words.

(Lord Of The Strings...I like it!)