Monday, June 8, 2009

Comfortably Numb Solo

Sound quality is pretty terrible but will have to do until I can figure out how to get this recording software to work right. For now it's just the built in microphone in this dinky little iFlip camera.


Anonymous said...

Cute legs........
Once again, you rocked a breath of fresh air into my life--great fun!!!!

Might be buying a 12 channel mix board with a 350W PA for the kids "band"--we'll be able to mix vocal, etc. through the board--will have to use mic's in front of the current amps which will give a kind of double sound through them, and the PA--going to work on hooking it up today--also get to plug in the electronic drum set and do some damage---

Keep the sharing coming--also, you should stop by Nina's and go to her "All Art, All The Time" section--see if she can post your solos there as well--it seems to be in sync with what she's doing---

All the best--


nina said...

For the millionth time guys, I can't get (sob, whine, tear out hair) video. It had to be good or Ben would not have put it up.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll put up a fake video of me playing guitar--I actually won't be playing anything, but Nina won't know that-all it will have to be is a picture of me with a video "box" around it-
maybe she'll think the same about anything I post--then again, she knows me better---
back to the drawing board.........


Ben There said...

Jj -

The main point of this video was to show off my legs. I was hoping it wasn't so transparent, but oh well...

If/when I ever get my recording software to work, these videos will be much much cooler. The sound quality with this setup is horseshit but I wanted to get something up. Once I work through these technical difficulties I plan on putting up many more videos and better versions of the ones that are already up.

You'll have a blast with that mixing board. You might also look into some digital recording software, it's pretty cheap to get started. The trick, at least in my case, is getting past the initial setup.

I'll check out by Nina's blog. I haven't been spending as much time online, partly because they've cracked down at my workplace and partly because I've just been busy doing other stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words.

Nina -

I'm sorry that you can't get video. If it's due to technical difficulties, just let me assure you that I can completely relate. When I do get my setup working correctly I'll try to do some videos worthy of your "All Art,All The Time" venue.

Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

I make a quick run past Les and Su's places and only go to Nina's every day-no more WRH or whatever for quite a while--happier for it-I'm much more interested in creativity than destruction and fear these days--looking for the uplifting in life--
We have a Mac with Garage Band on it but for the time being, I wanted to see how good they are through a decent system-vocals has been the main problem and overloading the current amps (Line 6 15W and 30W)-we borrowed the board and 350W PA and some microphones from a friend at the local music store--will be checking it out today when the band comes by for practice--it will be fun and gets me involved with Cole the younger boarder--been a long time since I was a roadie --FOGHAT, BLUE OYSTER CULT, GEORGE BENSON, BOB SEEGER, and last but not least, THE VILLAGE PEOPLE--yep, that was how I spent a part of my youth--kinda like cleaning up after the elephants at the circus--Well, that's show
Going to see the music store friend and his wife, as well as the local radio DJ put on a show Friday night at the local hotel--should be fun--
I just continue to plod along for my own enjoyment--I have had people say that "we should get together and jam"--well, I don't "jam" at all--just use my chords and strum along--mostly fingers, but I'm getting brave and using the pick more on the acoustics--electric is much more forgiving but there is just something about the sound of an acoustic that welcomes me---I look at all of my guitars (4) as works of art--so inviting to touch them and sometimes like a thoroughbred stomping to get out and run--
Take care my friend--keep up the deal--Oh, by the way, the guitar playing boarder approves of your music and style---you a got a "SWEET"--very cool stuff, from a 16 year old--


Ben There said...

Wow Jj, I didn't know you had been a roadie. That had to be an interesting experience (or many interesting experiences).

The thing with your 16 year old made my day. I didn't know what a guitar was when I was 16...all I listened to was rap. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

I picked one up for the first time 2 years ago--and I'm 51--
Other than "Money for nuthin' and the chicks for free", it never really crossed my mind to really play one--nobody else in the family I grew up in ever played anything--it just seemed right--and so it is

Now, if you want some stories--after I stopped being a roadie (2 years and many brain cells later), I hit the high seas for adventure for about 10 years--even got my 100 Ton Ocean Operators License--ran yachts and big sailboats all over the place--at least they tell me that's what I did for those

More friends over now--Cole on guitar, another kid playing another guitar and the other one trying to learn the drums--Our older boarder (son) had another guy over earlier and they were doing the same thing---

Big teen party at the Jj's tonight--pool, yard's all good baby.....

Might even hook up the amps and equipment outside and freak out the whole county.......

Dance while you have the legs to do it.....

So it is, so it shall be written!!!!!


Ben There said...

That's funny Jj, that Dire Straits lick was one of the first things I learned on the guit. A damn cool lick and fun to play too.

Sounds like you've had some adventure times, at sea and otherwise. I'm pretty sure it would take a high level of duress to ever get me out in the middle of the ocean on a boat. As long as I can see land it's cool but anything beyond that, no thank you.

It's party time at my casa this evening too. Co-workers though, no teenagers. Gonna fire up the grill and do some turkey dogs, tofu dogs, and of course, some beer too.

Hope the teen party was a blast and also hope you hooked up the amps and blasted the sh#t out of your neighbors (always fun!).

We're approaching 100 degrees here today. Not sure if I'm ready for this yet.

Peace brother...

Anonymous said...

I went to bed around 2am--The gang was down at 4:30 along with Mrs. Jj--

Bodies strewn everywhere in the AM--couches, floors--

I think it was a success.

Took the PA and board back as the lead singer, even though she has a nice voice, won't actually sing it out--she kinda mumbles and talks which gets lost in the bass, drums, and guit. Funny, she has great stage presence and sounds sweet when she cranks up her volume but alas not this time around on the equipment--

The bass player is going in the Navy in September and the singer is his girlfriend, so who knows what direction things will go--guess there will be more equipment on the market as time goes by--

Weather here is in the low 80's and pretty cool at night around 55--for now--we can heat up just like you guys, but just not for as long--sure could use some rain though--maybe 1/4 inch in the past 3 weeks--watering the garden pretty much every morning--guess it saves on having to mow the grass--silver lining you know--

Looking forward to your next post--

When you get enough of these together, make a cd or dvd and send it to Nina :)


su said...

being a musical failure my eyes were immediately drawn to those very cute legs.

Ben There said...

Su -

I'm very sensitive about my legs. The wrong comment could trigger a relapse, undo all of those years of therapy, and require me to get back on medicine.

Anonymous said...

You're such a slut........